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Xenophora Tribe Silver Ring

€105.00 €250.00

Hand carved ring in oxidized .925 sterling silver with Xenophora logo on the surface. 

Each piece is specifically realized by Xenophora designer and founder, Karissma Yve.


- Size: 13 | What's my ring size?

- Weight: 9 gr

About Xenophora: 

Xenophora is a conceptual object atelier, where each piece is made one at a time
and each project is specifically curated by the designer and founder, Karissma Yve.
The brand's philosophy celebrates raw primordial textures, monolithic structures and romantic escapes of color with a focus on objects made in an ancient way juxtaposed with innovative technology. Xenophora bridges the gap between the current zeitgeist and the primal ash of our ancients times.

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