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Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery

Valentina Falchi The Joy Keeper Big Earrings Aqua


Valentina Falchi The Joy Keeper Big Earrings Aqua are a wonderful mix of color and design. 925 silver, laser-cut, hand-finished and lacquered. Bright polished finish. Completely designed and made in Barcelona. Free shipping to Italy, the EU, and the US. 

The Joy Keeper is a jewelry collection inspired by and dedicated to cheerfulness. Its shapes, similar to shields or spearheads, remind us of a guardian with his colorful armor full of meanings: BLUE is the color of our mind and symbolized resilience, trust, loyalty, wisdom, certainty, faith, and truth; ORANGE symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, determination, attraction, and success, and it is considered the color of friendship and family; FUCHSIA is a color with a very strong impact, particularly used to awaken curiosity, express idealism in its highest form and it is a sign of hope and stimulating and positive dreams; AQUA (green) associated with nature and health, symbolizes harmony, freshness, and fertility, and creates a balance between heart and mind, between emotion and reason.

NOTE: All the pieces in this collection are totally handmade, so they are all unique pieces. It is possible to create color combinations by specifying your preferences. Please send us an email to and tell us which kind of combination you prefer (for example: “I want a fuchsia earring and an orange one”).

Stylish tips: The earrings are a statement on their own, and you can wear them every season. If you want to impress more, try to mix them with the other jewels of Valentina Falchi The Joy Keeper collection.


- Material: 925 silver and thermoplastic lacquer;

- Size: 6 cm. long, 2,3 cm wide;

About Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery: 

The Italian jewelry designer Valentina Falchi studied jewelry design at the “Le Arti Orafe” school in Florence, one of the Italian cities where the culture of goldsmithing is a tradition. So she learned the basic techniques of jewelry making and developing them in what is her own taste and creativity. Every piece she realizes is totally and completely handmade, and that makes it completely unique. 
In 2007 she moved to Barcelona, the city where she has her workshop/showroom and where she creates her collections and teaches to the next generation of jewelry designers.
Since 2015 she is the coordinator and teacher of the Jewelry Design summer course at IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. 
As she always says, "The jewel for me is not, and should not be a symbol of luxury, but an element of recognition of the personality and spirit of the person that wears it. Jewels, as pure art, are feelings!”

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