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Quattromani Stitching Denim Shirt

€130.00 €260.00

Size & Fit information: 

- Composition: 100% cotton

- Color: Denim with pink, yellow and red stitchings, jewel buttons  

- Completely designed and made in Italy 

- Hand wash and iron at low setting only (110C, 230F), do not wring 


Decò reminiscences and oriental influences. It’s the dreamy universe of the artist Edina Altara from Sassari the starting point for the Quattromani collection that unwind itself through a rich and unique stylistic mélange, an homage to the Sardinian illustrator’s passion for Rococo ornamentation – the “good things of awful taste” – and to her original collages, reinterpreted through games of volumes and consistencies that give birth to a sophisticated and trembling femininity. The knitwear and the loom manufacture show once more the contemporary approach applied to the Sardinian textile tradition, with bodysuits, mini skirts and tank tops. The silhouette, fluctuating and wispy in the long dresses and in the impalpable smocks, becomes more tapered in the knee-length dresses and in the pencil skirts, being emphasized by colorful paintings, the absolute protagonist of the collection together with the prints drawn for Quattromani by Berenice La Ruche. “During the realization of the illustrations for the Quattromani collection I have been guided by various inspirations: cherry blossoms, swallows, the Liberty Style and Edina Altara’s works, an artist that I'm really connected to. From the union of these four ingredients a delicate and dreamy world is born, a world which is inhabited by a lady absorbed in her thoughts and from whose hair appear, equally, flowers’ waterfalls and new ideas”. Floral Harmonies, swallows, stylized faces recur on georgette tops, trouser suits and flared skirts. Neo-hippie echoes and inspirations from the 70s are not missing either materials, and they can be traced both in sheath dresses, jersey or denim pants, and shirts and stitched t-shirts embellished with pockets and double collars. 

About Quattromani: 

Quattromani is composed by Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau, that after years of individual work decided to pool their strengths, ideas, courage and desire giving life to a unique fashion project.
Quattromani is collaboration, exchange of ideas, mutual aid. Noli and Frau were both students at the fashion academy. After a work experience in Les Copains, they met again in academia, this time in the role of teachers. Their reunion laid the foundations for a bigger project: a brand of clothing and accessories for women, reflecting their idea of style. From this unity of purpose Quattromani was born.
In 2013 Quattromani was a finalist of the ninth edition of Who Is On Next? - the scouting project organized by Altaroma and Vogue Italia - winning a special mention for the ready to wear. 
Quattromani  is guided by the diktats of a contemporary, linear style, pared down to the very essence of the concept, almost minimalist, with a focus on the typical details of quality tailoring.
The construction of a garment is not to be found in its shape, but in the structural lines that create the silhouette: the concept of a two-dimensional garment that comes to life and takes shape when it is put on.
The capsule collections consist of a few mix-an‐match pieces where accessories are not only complementary and whimsical decorative, but functional and structural parts of the garment itself. Quattromani is not just “made in Italy” - it's “made in Sardinia”.

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