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Netsuke Kokeshi Ai Pendant

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Netsuke Kokeshi Ai Pendant is an elegant necklace with a handmade and hand painted ceramic doll. Swarovski pearls details. Gold plated sterling silver. The hand painted decoration represents peony (the flower of love) and doves (symbol of loyalty). The Japanese Ai means love. Made in Italy.


- Materials: Handmande and hand painted ceramic, sterling silver, Swarovski pearls; 

- Colors: White with gold details; 

- Gold plated sterling silver;

- Length: 60 cm approx.;

- Doll size: 9 x 3 cm; 

- Swarovski pearls; 

- Multiple firing ceramics: 1° and 2° firing at 970° C, 3° firing at 750° C for the decoration. 

NOTE: Since each jewel is a unique handmade creation, it may requires up to 5 working days to ship it. 

About Netsuke: 

Netsuke is a jewelry brand founded by the Italian designer Graziella Cei. She started studying ceramics with the ceramist Anna Bocci in the Ugo Paolelli laboratory. After having realized sculptures and interior design projects, she gradually become interested in jewelry, too. The final step was to mix together her ceramics skills and her passion for jewelry in order to create something special. Netsuke collection are practical and easy to wear, and their beauty is in the details and the craftsmanship behind every single piece. All the pieces are totally handmade and hand painted. Netsuke jewels are influenced by geometrical shapes and Japanese traditional ceramics. Precious materials like gold and silver embellish the pieces, adding a glamour allure to every creation.

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