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Lumitoro Tubii Raw Bronze Ring I


Lumitoro Tubii Raw Bronze Ring I is a wonderful handmade jewel. Uncover the elegance that lies in a rough, industrial look. Tubii in raw bronze exudes organic allure with its natural patina finish. On its own or paired with other pieces in the collection, the Tubii ring stands out. You can bend this ring very gently to adjust it one size up or down. Made in Sweden.


- Material: Raw bronze; 

- Size: 14 | What's my ring size? 

About Lumitoro: 

Lumi [ˈlumi], from the Finnish word for ‘snow’
Toro [toh’-ro], from the Spanish word for 'bull'.

Launched in 2013 during Stockholm Fashion Week by founder Roberto Chaves and his team, Lumitoro is the ultimate fusion of art and science in jewelry - where a designer’s intuitive touch meets the precision of 3D printing technology. Lumitoro Jewelry is the must-have brand for the fashionista in trend-setting cities around the world. Its slogan, “Perfectly Imperfect Jewelry” celebrates the beauty of imperfection reflected in every collection. Crafted from the highest quality materials using state-of-the-art techniques, Lumitoro Jewelry is about creating an experience for the wearer and her audience with designs that compel exploration. Each iconic piece tells a story that invites touch and ignites conversation. It is the statement brand for women to celebrate their individuality. Each collection features a clear geometric aesthetic with a clean minimalistic take. Explore the Shapes collection to find the Lumitoro piece that begs to adorn you.

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