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Dea Rail

Dea Rail Heracleio Golden Ring


Dea Rail Heracleio Golden is a handmade gold-plated sterling silver ring with green agate, rhodolite, natural pearl, black diamond. Heracleio (Bay of Abukir, Egypt) is a submerged city in the Nile Delta, as big as Paris, and it was a place for the celebration of the Mysteries of Osiris.

This unique jewel is part of the Bimini Road collection. Made in Italy. Free shipping to Italy, the EU, and the US. 

NOTE: Each jewel is completely handcrafted, so it may take up to 15 days for production. Any small imperfections express the value and authenticity of the jewel.
For any further questions or additional information, please send an email to, and we will be happy to help you.

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Bimini Road collection: Like a journey into the depths of the sea, the new Bimini Road collection meets seven ancient sunken cities. From India to Russia, from Egypt to the myth of Atlantis. Each jewel is freely inspired by the symbols of the different cultures and civilizations evoked or re-interprets the findings that emerged from the discoveries of these mysterious cities - Simena, Phanagoria, Heracleio, Pavlopetri, Atlantide, Baia, Dwarka.
Made entirely by hand in sterling silver and gold-plated bronze with precious and semi-precious stones.

About Dea Rail: 

Imagining a symbolic journey through myths and otherworldly dimensions,
Dea Rail jewels take form.
Hand-sculpted with the lost wax technique, each jewel is a unique creation that
communicates its magic with those who wear it.
Dea Rail jewels are completely made by hand in Rome by the designer and artisan
Giorgia De Angelis.
Loyal to the ancient art of jewelry creation and without cad machines involvement,
detailed hand-modeled wax sculptures turn into fashion jewels enriched with the mystic charm of the antique craftsmanship.

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