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Co.Ro. Jewels Colosseo Quadrato Ring


Co.Ro. Jewels Colosseo Quadrato ring is inspired by one of the most extraordinary buildings in Rome: the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (better known as Squared Colosseum or Colosseo Quadrato, in Italy). A jewelry design masterpiece: all the volumetric proportions are real and the texture is extremely detailed. Available in 4 versions: 24k gold plated bronze, pink gold plated bronze, silver and ruthenium. 

Co.Ro. Jewels products are completely handmade in Italy, and all materials used are authentic and guaranteed. 

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- Since each jewel is a unique handmade creation, in some cases it may took up to 15 days to ship it.

- It is possible to personalize the piece (materials, inscriptions, etc). If you have a special request, please send an email to: 

About Co.Ro. Jewels: 

Co.Ro. Jewels, handcrafted by Italian artisans, represent a harmonious fusion of rationalism and classical tradition. They instill a metaphysical sense of nature, by exploring geometrical patterns and new dimensional relations.
The two designers, Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini are, not by chance, two architects. Their education determines the way they look at the world, so as the conception and designing of their jewels. The composition method passes through a research focused on space, producing volumes and shapes that refer to geometries of structural forms enclosed in worlds of minimal dimensions.
They often display jewels inspired by architectures, buildings bound to the collective imaginary, epitomes of an age and statements of the most various instances; from mediterranean houses to ancient temples, up to industrial complexes, revisited with a twist of irony by playing with the principles of jump in scale and function: spaces to be lived and architectures to be worn.

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