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Andrea Insua

Andrea Insua Maxi Stella Maya Handbag


Andrea Insua Maxi Stella Maya handbag with handmade flower appliqué.
Black leather, handmade flower appliqué, and gold-plated brass details. Made in Italy. The beaded appliqué is handmade in Guatemala by local craftsmen. 


- Size: 50x23x21;
- 100% vegetable tanned leather;
- Handmade beaded appliqué made in Guatemala; 
- Gold-plated brass details; 
- Interior pocket;
- Interior logo;  
- Weight: 720 gr

About Andrea Insua: 

The brand Andrea Insua is a result from the fusion of two cultures: The Italian and Guatemalan cultures; of two millenary civilizations: The Romans and the Mayans. Its purpose is to promote the handcrafted work of the two countries by meshing fashion and ethnical style. The result: original “Made in Italy” products that are unrepeatable due to its completely handmade process.
The well-known Italian leather work blends with the Guatemalan exquisite textile tradition. Each single piece of textile used in the making of these articles is unique and handmade by talented indigenous women, the last custodians of the cultural heritage left by the ancient Mayan civilization. Each piece of Andrea Insua collections is a unique and exclusive work of art made from high quality Italian leather and accessories and the best Mayan textiles.
Andrea Insua is a designer with Italian and Guatemalan roots who resides in Italy since 2006. She obtained a diploma for Interior and Garden Design before earning a degree in Industrial design from the School of Architecture in La Sapieza University, Rome, Italy, where she graduated from with Summa Cum Laude honors in 2012. Her interest in the Mayan textiles grew while working in her thesis project, “Tessuti degli Indigeni del Guatemala - Progetto di una Collezione”. She has a master’s degree in Fashion Communication, awarded by the Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma (Rome, Italy), where she also did a course on Handbags Prototyping.
Andrea has been able to fulfill her dream of having her own brand in big part because of her origins, her determination, and her passion for fashion and design. She has been inspired by and promotes the “Made in Italy” concept, as well as the handcrafted Mayan textiles. With a combination of both elements, she has created unique pieces as a result of the fusion of two cultures.

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