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About us

MYZAR is a concept store encompassing fashion, accessories and jewelry. A space dedicated to emerging designers all over the world. 

We carefully curate the collections on show in order to bring you the best creations of the new Made in Italy together with the finest artisanship available worldwide. MYZAR also hosts art exhibitions of both local and international artists.

Tired of the current incoherent commercial offer, low-profile, mall-like experiences, we set out to create a living room where there are no customers, just people. MYZAR is not just a place to go shopping. It’s a place to enjoy objects that really embody your inner self and bring them home with you, make them part of your life, engrave them in your most precious memories. We do not sell you products, we illuminate fragments of emotions for you to cherish.

After an in-depth study on the current state of luxury fashion retailing in Rome, we focused on what we do not like in a shop – and then we took action.

  • We do not like to be judged simply as potential customers. That’s why MYZAR treats every person as an individual;
  • We do not like going into shops without personality – the same music, the same graphic design, the same interiors, the same furniture that you find everywhere. That’s why MYZAR is different from other stores: intimate and warm, it has its own soul, its own identity;
  • We do not like to dress in the same way as everyone else. That is why MYZAR hosts many designers that did not have a retail space in Rome before. Some of them did not even have a retailer in Italy;
  • We do not like to consider a brand as a name, a label that has value in itself, without considering the inner qualities of clothes and accessories. That’s why MYZAR pays attention to such issues as fabric and textile parameters. We’re not about names. We’re about talent.

We are located in Rome, in one of the most renowned and fascinating historical streets of the city, via Giulia. MYZAR lives alongside splendid palaces, churches, architectural jewels and traditional antique shops. Don’t forget to pay us a visit and say hello when you’re walking in the centre of the Eternal City.