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S M K was born in August 2014 in Seoul, Korea. 
The designer’s initials 'Sandra Meynier Kang', are displayed in the logo with a symmetrical M, echoing the number 11 which has a symbolistic meaning: force, vitality, feminity; these are the basic essential characteristics of the brand. 
As a upper priority, sustainable development has naturally built up the brand identity. 
Constantly seeking for sustainable solutions; S M K engaged to animal protection, local production & development and attempts to use less harmful components for building the collections. Therefore, 5% of each collection profits are sent to a non lucrative association which has a relation with the thematic that has been working on. 
The brand has joined the «anti fashion calendar» since January 2016 and makes each year becomes a new Universe. A new implication; Outcomes of deep researches always trying to cope with S M K values. 
S M K creates casual, active, functional, feminine and affordable sustainable clothes.