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Martina Cella

The brand Martina Cella was born in Milan at the beginning of 2014. Main sponsor of this first project was the support of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and its context ‘Next Generation’. The first collection was presented at the Milano Fashion Week in February of the same year. Twelve outfits were selected to represent the brand in the new upcoming designers area beside the main fashion shows run by the big fashion houses. The new brand was developed a year later, introducing a new way to manufacture the clothing. Since then each collection was presented as a set of unique pieces that the costumer could buy once the fashion show was done. From the beginning of 2015 each collection is developed first in samples and then in sizes ready to be sold to the stores. Each garment is carefully and attentively designed and it is then made in the Northern part of Italy. High quality combined with research and focus on new materials and details allows the development of a new collection year by year. By playing with shapes and drapes on the mannequin, the young designer aims to create new volumes, defining a new idea to express the inspiration for the collection. Shapes combined with prints, handcraft details and technical fabrics create an unique design typical of her collections. Main features of the brand include simplicity, high wearability by anyone and a new type of elegance, that mixes comfort with fashion. Nowadays women are multitasking and must be able to switch from work to sport to night-out and everyday life just by wearing one outfit.