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Le4uadre is the brand founded by Damiana Spoto and Marineve Valente, two young women who had a dream - starting from the Italian print traditions, to create and develop an innovative product in Basilicata, Italy. 
The result is a travel accessory collection based on strong colors and artisanal prints - a mix of visions of trees, seabeds, geometric progressions, graphic textures, and so on. They have the vitality of Sicilian ceramics (the land where the designer Damiana Spoto was born), the impact of Persian rugs put under fluorescent lights, and the patterns of Roman cobblestones. They have the warmth of the Taj Mahal decorations, together with the naivety of children.
Their bag collection is made of lightweight neoprene, a versatile and multi-functional material, perfect for all day long. A functional product designed for women with tasks and commitments, but who don't want to sacrifice their style and uniqueness. 
Another important part of Le4uadre collections are the stoles, the wide scarfs available in cashmere blend or in wool, always coordinated with the bags. All the products are completely made in Italy.