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EVADIFRANCO is a womenswear brand based and crafted in Florence and Tuscany.
They aim to design clothes that are wearable for a long time (timeless), both physically and stylishly. The geometry of the cuts defines original, unexpected volumes and shapes which can be either sharp and sculptural or soft and enveloping, some of their pieces are convertible.
EVADIFRANCO is size free, volumes are comfortable. Fabric shape comes first (2D) producing an excess of fabric. The abundance of fabric is a value not only an inspiration, and definitely something to play with. A strong inspiration comes from the Japanese culture, concept and aesthetic, which includes principles like balance, asymmetry, not obvious, modularity.
Their project focuses on a universal approach to fashion in terms of age, body shape and gender. Color plays a very important role in their research, it can be a starting point for the design process. The perception of color influences silhouettes. They work on the (ideal) NO WASTE philosophy - some of their items are designed so there is barely any cutting.
We are aware of spreading a language that is universal, an aesthetic and conceptual value that can be interpreted differently throughout the world. Their ideal target is a confident and creative person, they fully trust customers’ individuality!  
EVADIFRANCO also showed in Paris during Paris Fashion Week.