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Delve Laurel Bracelet


Delve Laurel Bracelet is an exquisite handcrafted jewel inspired by historical foliage decoration patterns. Extremely detailed texture. Available in 2 variants. The Laurel collection is made of detailed sculptured leaves put together. It is possible to see the small leaves veins on the jewelry texture. The design is inspired by the laurel foliage decoration patterns in the ancient churches. A delicate yet elegant jewelry design. Handmade in Italy. 


- Width: 14,5 cm;
- Gap Opening: 7 cm;
- Metal finish: Matte and finish polish.

Possible customization: 

- Bracelet size;
- Bracelet in white/yellow gold (18 kt or 24 kt); 
- Bracelet in platinum;

If you want to customize your Delve Laurel Bracelet, please send an email to: and we will be glad to give you all the customer support for any customization.

About Delve: 

Delve Artisanal Jewelry Art is a Rome based independent artisanal label. Its eclectic soul is expressed through the mix of art and jewelry craftsmanship, highlighting women’s elegance and daintiness.
The designs are greatly influenced by Art Nouveau: the floral leitmotif is the predominant theme, considering it as a perfect element to represent women’s femininity, characterized by its free flowing lines and curved shapes. Delve’s jewelry collection reveals a certain level of versatility embracing various inspirational theme such as geometrical figures, the feminine undulated shape and animal figures with a classical, experimental and contemporary approach.
The realization of the jewels takes form through lost wax process or “cire perdue”, a profound study of its diverse inspirational elements and an accurate outlining of the suitable metal for each design. In fact, the label’s name derive from the word “DELVE” , which means to search deeply and laboriously.
The mélange of these elements allowed Delve to produce wearable micro-sculptures with complex shapes and rich details to complete every women’s daily embellishment that is functional but with a luscious aesthetic.

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