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Dea Rail

“If the body is natural, then I propose that the supernatural require some object beyond the body itself, yet in dialogue with it”
Zachary Androus

The curiosity of the designer Giorgia De Angelis for the mystic and the surreal led her to imagine each collection as a journey through mysterious places and past eras, mythical or real.
It is from this image that the brand name derives, associating the initials of the surname, De Angelis, to the word Rail.
The Dea Rail jewel brings with it the story of that imaginary journey enriched by the charm of ancient artisan techniques.
The craftsmanship of the products is in fact a prerogative of the brand that minimizes the use of prefabricated and excludes any automatic technological intervention to make its creations real sculptures to be worn.
The jewels are made of 925 silver and bronze with precious and semiprecious stones.
Each collection comes from a process of research into history that inspired it, making Dea Rail jewels suggestive vehicles of knowledge.
Made in Rome, Italy