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Caterinaeffe x Beatrice Cerocchi

An amazing collaboration between two of the most interesting new talents in Italy - the accessory brand Caterinaeffe and the illustrator and architect Beatrice Cerocchi. 

About Caterinaeffe: 

Caterinaeffe is a young Italian brand born in Rome in 2012. Behind the brand there is Caterina Franceschini, a passionate designer who worked in Sarli and Valentino. She wants to combine the best artisanal tradition of 'made in Italy' with an experimental approach. All the pieces blend several leather textures, different materials, new color mixes, in order to create a high quality product. Her unique approach is inspired by the haute couture tailoring attitude together with an omnivorous curiosity. Caterinaeffe bags deconstruct and decontextualize the Italian classic style with fun. 

About Beatrice Cerocchi: 

Beatrice Cerocchi is a young Italian illustrator and architect based in Rome. She is one of the most interesting talents in Italy. In her career, she won several awards like the Illustrator exhibition at Bologna children's book fair (2018), the AOI, World Illustration Awards, children's book category (2017), and the Talent Next at Pisa Book Festival (2012). She collaborated with Bruaá, Edizioni EL, Emme Edizioni, ELI Readers, The New York Times, Corriere della Sera, Illustratore Italiano, Vogue Bambini, Liber Magazine, Gioia Magazine, Multifolia Atelier, Timbuktu Labs, Mondadori.