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Adelaide Carta

Adelaide Carta makes of design the communication instrument to raise awareness about ethic fashion and cultural innovation. Our philosophy focuses on woman seen as revolution and liberation. The brand Adelaide Carta was born to create empathy between the beauty of our products and the ethical and cultural awareness toward green fashion that is overwhelming the world. Our sustainable concept of fashion merges these values in a real Cultural baggage, which is much more than a normal bag or an accessorize. It’s a single product that contains design, culture, ethic and innovation for an ambitious woman. Uncommon, cruelty-free, green, sustainable materials rule our collections and an unceasing creative instinct rules over our fantasy. Adelaide Carta first allows every woman to wear culture through a bag. This is the new mood of fashion, This is Adelaide Carta. Faux leather mixed with cork, shapes and aggressive colours rag on normality giving birth to an innovative timeless fusion.