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Welcome to Irma Cipolletta x MYZAR extra limited collection


Irma Cipolletta x MYZAR Small Triangle Bag

MYZAR Concept Store celebrates its first birthday and presents a custom collection together with Irma Cipolletta. 

Irma Cipolletta X MYZAR is an extra limited edition - only 2 small and only 2 big bags. Exactly, not 999, not 99, but 2 pieces! Why? Because our customers deserve only the most exclusive accessories and, since their special, we decided to offer them a special collaboration. 

The Small and the Big Triangle models are made of ostrich, calf skin and pony, together with the gold plated brass chain and details. How many bag designers (big or small) use three kinds of leather in one single bag? Every model is numbered, so it will move your bag collection up a notch. 

Irma Cipolletta x MYZAR is not just a collaboration. It is our way to celebrate our birthday with our customers and, at the same time, a celebration of craftsmanship. The best luxury materials for a masterpiece made in Italy.

You can buy the Small Triangle here.

Send us an email or a message for further information about the Big Triangle model.